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Do you require high quality world map outline HD images that could be useful for your study about different countries. Maps help you to acquire knowledge about various cultures, people, economies, topographies of world. Here are high definition World Map outline HD images and some interesting facts about the history of maps, which could make you feel excited. Do you know when was the first map printed?, how large is the world's largest map? Find your answers here.

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Cartography is the science or practice of drawing maps.

The world's largest atlas is the Earth Platinum, a book published in 2012. It is over 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide and weighs about 440 lbs.

To get images of difficult terrain, they sometimes attach a camera to a trolley or a snowmobile or a tricycle or even a camel.

As of 2012, Google Maps Street View had covered about 5 million miles of road.

In this page you could see the world map outline HD images that can be used for your education and learning purposes. We have also compiled here for you, a collection of facts about maps and countries. Just feel free to scroll down and read all the interesting facts about maps and be surprised. Do you know which is the world's largest atlas and how much it measures? Here they are. Feel free to read all the facts about maps and world map outline HD images and use the best ones for your educational and other non-commercial purposes.

In 1930s, maps were given out to travelers for free in American gas stations.

You won't find military bases on maps and is called as Map censorship.

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